About GYB

Got Your Back Entertainment (GYB) is an umbrella entity, namely, a brand, representing a production group of business professionals and artists that are of the musical concentration.

Founded by Callon B. Nanny on May 11, 2006, then partnering with Shanden Simmons in 2017, the entity has established its ethics as well as its mission: artists/musicians under the GYB Ent brand and umbrella are those that embody the culture and spirit of hip hop yet maintain a precedent for positive lifestyles and positive exchanges between people in order to promote unity.

GYB utilizes the skills of various musicians, artists, and cinematographers to promote its brand for its place in the hip hop community. Thus, completing the effort by creating merchandise and a clothing line.

Musicians/Artists have the opportunity to be a part of an ongoing effort to collaborate with all types of musicians and videographers to show the world togetherness and love through the arts.