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(Shanden Simmons)

Meeting in 2014, Co-Owner and Art Director spent a number of years collaborating on music with Callon B. Then in 2017, Hush spearheaded the total rebranding and business structure of the company, and built off the hard-earned foundation laid by Callon B. Hush’s love for Hip Hop music blossomed when he began producing his own beats at 16 while simultaneously, yet separately, performing spoken-word poetry live. Also, Hush is the drummer for the progressive rock band Fairseas. For select artists and musicians, Hush delivers tasteful direction and cinematography, album art, and fine art under his own company Hush Art; notable for his original drawings. He applies his musicianship from the band space to the beat-pad. Bringing lyricism and original beats together, it transpired into a style of Hip Hop and message that complimented that of Callon’s music, and the mission of GYB Ent. A brotherhood formed.


GYB Got Your Back Ent. Presents: Sunshine by HUSH. After producing and developing his tone and sound for over 10 years, HUSH debuts with his self produced track Sunshine. 


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